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Standing for you in the

People's House

The State of Our Nation


These are trying times we’re living in my friends. Guarantees we took for granted just a few short years ago are under attack. The Constitution and our Bill of Rights seem to not apply anymore. Our two-party system of government is more divided than ever especially in the United States Congress. Our nation is being invaded along our southern border amid the worst pandemic our country has faced in 100 years. Crime is surging in most major cities and the homicide rate is a scarry statistic. We are bombarded constantly with information and misinformation then left up to our own devices to figure out what is truth. Our media’s integrity and our election systems have been called into question. In the wake of George Floyd’s death, we watched as our nation burned due to the actions of one man and calls for defund the police echoed from the streets to the halls of the United States Congress. Socialism and Marxist ideas are on the rise and our children are being indoctrinated in schools and on college campuses across the country. Our national debt is at a breaking point and our leaders have proposed trillions of dollars in new spending including a $1.8 trillion dollars infrastructure bill. Politics has bled over into our sports and patriotism is unpatriotic. It almost seems hopeless. My grandfather must have told me a thousand times growing up “you can’t fix a problem until you admit that there is one.” We have always risen as a nation in the face of adversity, and we must
rise again!!


Over the next few months, I will be filming videos that will show my plans to help keep our country going in the right direction. They will be on everything from who I am and why I’m running for United States Congress to the other issues facing our nation and Central Florida today. Some will focus on the environment and climate change, policing issues, race relations, agriculture and our citrus industry. Others will focus on veteran affairs, robocalls, infrastructure (I-4, Hwy 27, Hwy 60), bridging the conservation easements, gun laws and other ways we can help Central Florida’s 9th Congressional District. My goal is to bring real world private sector problem solving solutions to our United States Congress. I Hope you will join me on this journey and check back in or sign up to be sent reminders when new content is available. 


I’m George Garrett Shepherd III and I approved and wrote this message. Thanks for stopping by!!




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