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Standing for you in the People's House


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Standing for you in the

People's House

Hi, my name is George Shepherd, and I am running a grassroots campaign for the Republican nomination to the United States House of Representatives for Florida's 18th district. Together we can prove that you don’t need a fortune to win a congressional seat. The average cost of a House campaign is $2,000,000.00 and that needs to change. My goal is to bring real world private sector problem solving solutions to our United States Congress. Conservative representatives with great ideas, who truly care about the needs of the people they serve are who we need in Washington DC. I’m running to protect our cattle ranches, wildlife, small business, citrus, and agriculture industries for Central Florida and for future generations. I promise I will answer phone calls and emails as most of  our elected representatives do not. If your not listening to the people you serve, who are you representing? I am running to represent you..

Thank you for your consideration.   

The 4 main responsibilities of the federal government are:


1 National security - A country has no national security without border security. I would vote yes on finishing the wall and securing our borders. If walls don’t work, then why did Nancy Pelosi order the National Guard to put a razor wire topped wall around the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Governor Abbott of Texas has taken the first step and is finishing their section of border wall. Our men and women in Congress need to step up and get this done. We must stop the drugs that are flowing through our southern border and killing 300+ young Americans daily. Our Founding Fathers put the right to bear arms second to the right to free speech in the Constitution to ensure that free speech is protected. We must protect all our rights and freedom must always be defended. We have already paid for the wall, let’s get it done. National security includes having safe and secure elections. 96.6% of all Americans have some form of government issued ID. This should not be an issue if you consider the facts. America needs fair and free elections. Voter ID and signature verification archives this.


Maintain order – Crime in our major cities is completely out of control. Defund the police is one of the worst ideas I have ever heard and is the root cause of this crime wave. We need to fully fund the men and women in law enforcement and our military. They need to know that when they put on their uniform and go to work that they have the full support of the American People. We must all work to ensure that the civil unrest that occurred in the summer of 2020 never happens again in the United States of America.


Provide economic security –We must manufacture everything essential to our survival such as medicine and computer chips here in the USA which will create good jobs. We need to encourage business development and work to lower both personal and corporate taxes to encourage job growth. The pandemic and supply chain disruptions have proven this is a matter of national security. Having spent 20+ years in logistics, we must not rely on other nations for our essentials. Made in the USA would solve most of our supply chain issues. We don’t need free college for all. Free trade school is one idea and should be available to everyone as these are essential good paying jobs and we need skilled labor to fill them.  


 Provide economic assistance - Most people want a hand up not a handout. I’ve known hard times in my life, so I completely understand that some things are out of our control. We need to get inflation under control as this is extremely hard on our seniors and those on fixed incomes. We must get back to energy independence. High fuel prices hurt everyone especially our truckers. We need to get back to the basics, food, water, shelter, and energy are what we need to survive. I’m all for renewable energy but the transition will depend on technology and it’s not realistic yet. Strip mining 500,000 lbs. of earth to get the lithium for 1 electric car battery is not the answer. We must have a combination sensible clean energy and transition to renewables as soon as reasonably possible.   


The Constitution created a federal government of limited powers and gives the balance to the states. The Supreme Court has noted that every law enacted by Congress must be based on one or more of its powers enumerated in the Constitution. We must elect Representatives that stand for foundational American values, and we must do what is just and right for the people of Central Florida and the United States of America. A vote for me is a vote for you, let’s win this together. May God bless America. 




The State of Our Nation – 10/2/2021

These are trying times we’re living in my friends. Guarantees we took for granted just a few short years ago are under attack. The Constitution and our Bill of Rights seem to not apply anymore. Our two-party system of government is more divided than ever especially in the United States Congress. Our nation is being invaded along our southern border amid the worst pandemic our country has faced in 100 years. Crime is surging in most major cities and the homicide rate is a scary statistic. We are bombarded constantly with information and misinformation then left up to our own devices to figure out what’s true. Our media’s integrity and our election systems have been called into question. In the wake of George Floyd’s death, we watched as our nation burned due to the actions of one man and calls for defund the police echoed from the streets to the halls of the United States Congress. Socialism and Marxist ideas are on the rise and our children are being indoctrinated in schools and on college campuses across the country. Our national debt is at a breaking point and our leaders have proposed trillions of dollars in new spending including a $1.8 trillion dollars infrastructure bill. Politics has bled over into our sports and patriotism is unpatriotic. It almost seems hopeless. My grandfather must have told me a thousand times growing up “you can’t fix a problem until you admit that there is one.” We have always risen as a nation in the face of adversity, and we must rise again!!


Over the next few months, I will be filming videos that will show my plans to help keep our country going in the right direction. They will be on everything from who I am and why I’m running for United States Congress to the other issues facing our nation and Central Florida today. Some will focus on the environment and climate change, policing issues, race relations, agriculture, and our citrus industry. Others will focus on veteran affairs, robocalls, infrastructure (I-4, Hwy 27, Hwy 60), bridging the conservation easements, gun laws and other ways we can help Central Florida. My goal is to bring real world private sector problem solving solutions to our United States Congress. I Hope you will join me on this journey and check back in or sign up to be sent reminders when new content is available. 


I’m George Garrett Shepherd III and I approved and wrote this message. Thanks for stopping by!!



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