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Hi, I'm George

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George Garrett Shepherd, III was born November 22, 1969, in Birmingham, Alabama, after his father's return in 1968 from Vietnam where he served as a commanding officer in the Medical Service Corps, United States Army.


In 1976, George and his mother, Betty, moved to Pompano Beach, Florida when she accepted a management position with a hospital system in South Florida.


Childhood and young adult years were full of school, skateboarding, surfing, baseball and bicycle motor cross.  He spent many summers working on his grandparents' farm in Alabama (now Ruffner Mountain Nature Center) and fishing on Lake Mitchell in Clanton, Al. This gave George a well-rounded childhood. 


After his graduation from Coral Springs High School, George moved to Missouri where he attended Longview College while lending a hand in his father's restaurant and jazz club.


Homesick for Florida, George moved back to his home state where he founded the first of several successful businesses. He became the father to a daughter, the highlight of his life.


After developing a landscape company and tree farm, George founded G.G. Shepherd Transportation, a full-service logistics company. He has a very diverse skill set including commercial and residential air conditioning, auto, marine and truck mechanics.  He is well versed in the equities and futures markets, including deviated horizontal drilling in the oil and gas sector.  George is also a published author.




He developed a passion for politics in the wake of 9/11. Understanding the "big picture" and the intricacies of government has been an ongoing study for him.


In 2016, George purchased a small ranch in Lake Wales, Florida where he currently resides.  He works as a logistics broker at a local transportation company in the area.


Growing weary of sitting on the sidelines watching the Constitution being shredded and seeing so many without a voice, including himself, the decision to run for office was born.  Sensible solutions that work for the people will be his focus. 


His areas of interest are: Agriculture, Land Preservation, Environment Solutions, Transportation, Infrastructure, Education, Equality, Veterans Affairs and Protecting our Constitution.



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